“In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.” - Carlos Castaneda.

The world around us is changing. The world before us changed too. Neither do we know what really happened in the past nor do we know what’s going to happen next.

We are  flooded with information. News, fake news, facts, alternative facts, conspiracy theories, propaganda, agendas.

Do we really know what matters?

We have lived as tribes; we’ve lived by rivers, we’ve lived in cities. We’ve built kingdoms mighty empires and then great nations.

What’s next? Who knows?

What we are here to do is to prepare for change in fact to co create what we think should be a life worth living.

Uranium can be used to make bombs or energy. The choice has always been ours. And so it is  with the internet, technology or social media. Either we can trivialize our lives and get consumed by it all or be empowered.

Technology today and in the future can either take our lives nearer to recognizing true human potential of creativity, co-existence, beauty, purpose and ultimately connecting us to the magic of the universe or it could wipe us out from existence.

Both scenarios seem pretty far off for now. But if we embrace technology with conscious intention for bringing positive change, we could, maybe think of our lives in brand new exciting ways.

It might sound naïve or utopian to some but  if we just push our characteristic cynicism aside, get informed, argue, debate and put things in perspective, “share what really matters it could make a world of a difference.”  

Or else, we could simply wait for others to create a life for us. Take it and get on with it kind of a thing.

Earlier, this whole thing about being a capitalist was that one needed to have huge amounts of either power, or influence, wealth, land, gold, oil or whatever  to start things. But now all that it takes is just an idea.

Clearly, legacy thinking and elitism are on the wane, power is shifting.

That’s what this platform is all about.

Coming together to champion change.

Be candid, yet compassionate. Be truthful, yet tolerant.

Let’s create a new space. Let’s build change. Let’s alter the cult.



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