2020- We’re off with a Fiery Start ..

In Australia As of January 7, 2020, the bushfire season consumed 20,800,000 acres (8,400,000 hectares) of land, the equivalent to 8.4 million football fields.

It is estimated that between 500 million and one billion animals - including koalas and kangaroos - have been killed. 25 people have been reported killed.

The fires still rage on.

The USA killed a top ranking Iranian General in a drone attack. Iran vows revenge. In retaliation US army bases in Iraq have been attacked.

War Clouds hover over the Middle East while elections loom round the corner in USA .

In India, JNU campus witnessed horrific violence over the Citizen Amendment Act and while the Left and the Right with their political affiliates continue the blame game, many are trying to make the most of the situation. Deepika Padukone chose the campus to promote her upcoming movie based on a true story of an acid attack victim, milking human tragedies as much as possible to make this a box office spectacular hit .

India’s GDP continues to nosedive.

The tamasha continues …. With a Chappak !!

2020 is the year of the Chinese metal rat. The gnawing has begun.

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