Connect by Disconnecting

Waking up to find pictures of rich, plump, homegrown tomatoes sent by the little brother back home may be one of the most rejuvenating feelings ever.

The elders in the house would have us believe the carnelian tomatoes were a result of Ganesha visiting home. Surely the God who penned down the Mahabharata all in one sitting would have no trouble sprouting tomatoes in a humble mortal garden, but this made one wonder about the relentless attempts made by its gardener to salvage the plant, and produce its finest fruits, quite literally.

God, if at all there is one, sometimes works in mysterious ways. He brings joy and sorrow in abundance and asks only that we never question his morals and remain grateful for both.

We continue to seek truth and answers for his and our own actions, only to realize this world runs on no rules at all, and that faith and love had managed to put up quite the convincing act to cajole us into performing these celebrations for many a celestial deity.

Ganesh Chaturthi heralds the atmosphere celebration in the country, especially in its commercial capital- Mumbai. Colors will be strewn across the mirthful faces of rich and poor, settled and unemployed. The celebration will not distinguish, but a stark contrast may be observed as to the manner of celebration from a community to community.

While some stoop to the streets with dhols and cries of Bappa Morya, others set about designing their homes to resemble a Broadway set.

One such house had manifested Mount Kailash in their living room, complete with neatly placed cotton sheets bordering the dias in the center, where idols of Shiva and Parvati were seated. As a battery-powered Kartikeya revolved around the world in a bid to oust his younger brother, Ganesha and win his parents’ favor, an adorable Ganesha idol bearing a million watt smile circled around the dias bearing his parents. Thus the age-old teaching to consider your parents as your central pillars in order to never falter has been followed in Hindu culture for centuries.

If there is one incredibly relevant lesson we can learn from the benevolent God, it is that no battle has ever been won by violence. In the wake of war and unrest in the country, it is wonderful to see everyone disconnect from the harsh, unforgiving online world for a little while and partake in the joyous celebrations of the seasons.

Mangal Murti Morya!
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