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Like the western countries, in India, women are provided many rights (both legal and constitutional), but as the implementation of laws is not so effective, we are still lacking behind as a Nation. One of the important principles of Indian Constitution is gender equality. In order uphold and implement the Constitutional Command, the State has enacted various laws and taken measures intended to ensure equal rights, check social discrimination & various forms of violence and atrocities. Today women are the victims of any of the crimes like ‘murder’, ‘robbery’, ‘cheating’, and the heinous one rape. Law has given numerous provisions to protect the modesty of women but how far they are implemented and taken care of is a big question.

After the amendment in 2013 after Nirbhays’s case, there is no reduction in the commission of crimes but has shown a tremendous increase in the same. The reasons are many first of all the offenders are not afraid of the punishment due to the weak implementation procedure which Indian Laws have, secondly the delay in investigation procedure by the executives, thirdly the law provides so many if and buts which provide the offenders to come out of the law and enjoy the freedom. In the true sense, the amendment was not found so effective in preventing crime against women and it will remain as it is unless all the organs of the government come together and work for the same. The result of the same is the recent case of Asifa in Kathua. As far as legal provisions are concerned and the Enactments of Parliament providing security and safety to women, all of them are good on papers, but when it comes to practical scenario of commission of crimes it is well proved by the statistical data of NCRB that all the legal provisions and enactments are just a myth and have no practical value in the eyes of offenders.

When the intention and courage of criminals are up to such an extent that they are not afraid of any punishment then now it’s time to rethink for the government and policy-making authorities to make legal rules more stringent so that it will create a fear in the mind of the culprit and he has to think hundred times before proceeding towards the commission of it.

The most important part of our constitution is the separation of powers at three (legislative, executive & judiciary) different levels. Rule of law implies that every person is subject to the law of the land, including people who are lawmakers, law enforcement officials, and judges. But the drawback in our country is that law is implemented on the basis of a social and economic position of a person and not on the basis of the crime committed by them.

Now it’s TIME to IMPLEMENT the law in the true sense which was pending from ages so that we can proudly say we have a culture our Nation in which we worship the woman.

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