In Response: “What am I Doing with My Life?”

Updated: May 16, 2018

There’s so much to say on this one.

Peer Pressure, Parenting, Millenials, Work Life Balance, Education, passion, ambition. We can pick on any depending on which phase of life we’re going through.

Peer Pressure! It’s not such a bad thing after all but depends to what levels we take it. We could get inspired by someone like us or we could be driven insane by jealously. The choice is ours to make.

Parenting! It’s never been a perfect science and will never be. But what I’m absolutely sure about is that we’ve been too soft with the Millenials and its begun hurting now.

This point on Passion is extremely interesting. It’s fun to see how we are dealing with the passion thing.

Confusion with all things passionate is actually good. When I face confusion or see somebody confused, I take it as a good sign. Somebody is at least trying to think things through. It’s a mark of courage. I tend

to feel scared with people who are absolutely sure of everything all the time. I wonder where that comes from.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of time and effort to figure out things. If we care to look back on our lives, we might find that the people we once loved, we now detest. People we disliked are friends now. Situations we thought were adverse worked out for the best. When did we pick up something so passionately only to realize that it was just a fad or a fleeting thing? Very often what we desire most is shrouded in actually wanting to escape from our responsibilities or facing situations. We can be very adept in telling ourselves fancy stories.

Meanwhile, Life unfolds!!!! Mysteriously in a series of twists and turns but once you’ve gone a little far you know that all things happen for a reason. That reason could be our own lesson plan. Which means each one of us have lessons that we need to understand, learn, and pass and then move on to the next bigger one. The best lessons are there for us to grab if we are authentic to our own selves. Things begin to shape up. But this requires a lot of courage.

So the point is we might feel extremely passionate about let’s say starting our own venture but the lesson that we might have to learn before that is dealing with others or discipline or empathy. When the time is right for us to flourish, flourish we will. We can imagine that our passion is being protected like a bud by Life itself. It will bloom when the conditions are just right.

Our life is a very personal journey. The situation which we are in are the props for us to learn and move on. So off course we must plan and work but remember to go with the flow of things. Each individual , Prince or pauper has his own lesson plan which is self-paced , creative by design with an outcome to create a winner for sure.

Ultimately it’s not about confusion but trust. Sometimes all this seems easy to say and very difficult to follow. Here’s what I do when I’m feeling down I search for my favorite Gulmohar tree or the resplendent Amaltas. It was once just a seed.

Our purpose is flourishing. Happiness is highly overrated. The more one chases happiness, the more elusive it becomes and the more depleted we become.

So the response: We’re not doing anything with our lives. Life is preparing us for something special

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