The First Honorable Thief - In Tech!!!

Once upon a time, there were two Titan brothers Prometheus and Epithemeus. Prometheus which in Greek roughly means Forethought was the elder brother and Epithemeus (hindsight) was the younger sibling. They were tasked by the Gods to take care of all creatures on earth and endow them with gifts.

What Epithemeus did is for another day but what Prometheus did for mankind is an amazing story.

Prometheus was always thinking of ways to help mankind build a better tomorrow. He saw then that men were living in dark caves and were always frightened by wild animals looking for a good meal.

He knew about Fire. He had seen Fire being used by Zeus on Mount Olympus which was the abode of the Gods.

Prometheus asked Zeus if he could share a spark so that mankind would benefit. Zeus said no way, that would be impossible. Zeus wished to keep the secret, he wanted to enjoy the monopoly and he wanted the Gods to enjoy the privileges. If mankind learned about Fire, thought Zeus they would learn other things and become powerful too.

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Prometheus would not take no for an answer.

One day, while walking around, he chanced to find a fennel stalk. On breaking it, he found a dry and soft material inside. Ingenius that he always was, he hid it and off he went to Mount Olympus and stole a spark from Zeus’s lightning bolt.

Prometheus then gave Mankind the gift of Fire. Taught man about its use and later also taught them about working with metals.

Prometheus is the original Greek geek who brought in the technological revolution that shaped the rest of our lives.

There’s more to this honorable thief. Once when Zeus found out about the theft, do you think he let him go scot free?

No. He was severely punished. He was chained to the side of a mountain for eternity. But Prometheus being what he was, ensured that he was ultimately rescued by Hercules, a few years later.

Fascinating legend.

And its so with so many other legends. What’s so amazing is that these legends are still so relatable today.

It is always a battle between different versions of Gods and Demi-Gods. Lesser mortals and privileged ones. Of tricks and charades.

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