A False Emancipation (The Honorable Thief)

If you think your mind is not under control, I demand you to think again.

The allusion here is the modern world slavery, encaptured by this reliable resource called social media. It turns out that our source of information is being manipulated to a huge extent, government agencies and political parties use the platform to spread disinformation and redundant news, exercise censorship and control and undermine trust in media sources, public institutions, and science notwithstanding the fact that people rival here to validate their point on a moral belief.

We remain allured to the screens seeking comfort in the social approval we gain where we pose dependency on what we ingest through the media platform. Apart from an ignored fact that it is addictive, we remain blinded by the biased information and orchestrated opinions that we read on our gadgets.

A little dopamine hit every once in a while because someone liked or commented on a photo or a post…and that’s going to get you to contribute more.

Agreed on the terms that it helps you connect, socialize, discover and learn but do we realize that this engagement is an unescapable attempt to make humans less reflective According to a study ‘’shallowing hypothesis” which states that the development of communication technologies (namely texting and social media platforms) has to lead to a serious decline in "reflective" thought. Basically: since we're becoming more accustomed to shorter and quicker means of communication, our brains, too, have become wired for fast, snappy transmissions, this decline in reflective thought correlates to "a decline in the importance placed on morality and an increase in the importance placed on hedonism and image.

While we can conclude that your worldview is a manipulated filter feed and your perception about life a virtually constructed reality, would you still think you have the freedom of thought?

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