How old will you be in 2050?

The world in 2050 was a recent class assignment for my students who have signed up for Creativity & Innovation.

The rule was that - there are no rules.

It was an exercise in imagination.

Not surprisingly: It’s going to be a very different world in 2050.

In 1903, when for the first time the Wright Brothers flew over North Carolina for precisely 12 seconds, the world must have been astonished and filled with wonder about the new possibilities. Flying by air must have sounded so unbelievable.

Now with the hyper loop we will soon be travelling at speeds of 1220 Km per hour. Criss crossing continents in minutes.

Just as Christopher Columbus in 1492 opened new doors for immigrants to reach USA, Elon Musk or Richard Branson could do so for Mars.

Coming back to the class presentations, students spoke about futuristic schools, where children would no longer need to memorize facts. Google lens would literally in the blink of an eye provide every bit of information on planet earth. Virtual Reality will make it possible to be a part of any history lesson and experience it. No memorizing, no text books!!

Wow!!! But I wondered, what would be “taught” in these schools and the minute I got that thought, I realized that teaching, learning and schooling would be very different concepts in the machine age after all. We don’t know as yet.

There are just so many different possibilities.

However, when the student spoke about drones and robots fighting wars, new ways of cyber wars, 3D printing of Guns, that’s when I snapped out of the Utopian Futuristic Visions.

After all, it’s just the same thing. Right?

If earlier there was infantry, then cavalry , tanks, then atomic bombs, then nuclear bombs and now robots and AI.

All for war. It’s such a chilly thought.

“We’re moving but not going anywhere “

Leo Tolstoy wrote in War & Peace- “If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed.”

Strange, Whatever!!!!

So how old will you be in 2050?? Where do you think you’ll be?

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