The Nature Of Balance

Aum, the meditation chant is said to be the closest sound to silence. This particular chant has been mentioned in the Vedas as well as the Bible.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” [John 1:1]

It is the Cosmic Sound which is the combination of three phases of nature:

Creation (Brahma)

Preservation (Vishnu)

Dissolution (Shiva)

Aum consists of the sounds aaa, uuu and mmm. It has its variations like Aum in Hinduism, Aameen in Islam and Amen in Christianity.

It consists of three portions, which ends with the humming of the mmm sound. That sound creates a vibration in the body, especially the throat.

Now, universally, music has seven central notes. In Indian Music, these notes are- Sa, Re/Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, and Ni. Each note has been said to be derived from the natural call of different kinds of animals. These notes are actually abbreviations. Their full forms are:

Sa- Shidja

Re/Ri- Rishabh

Ga- Gandharv

Ma- Madhyam

Pa- Pancham

Dha- Dhaivat

Ni- Nishad

Madhyam is the center of all notes. The name itself means central. One may take the freedom to call it the median of all notes.

The song ‘Inn Lamhon ke Daman main’ from Jodha –Akbar has a beautiful verse which says-

‘Mile Dekho Aise Hai Hum

Ke Do Sur Ho Jaise Madham

Koi Jyada Na Koi Kaam’

While the translation loses the essence of the verse, the literal meaning is:

‘We have met in such a way, just like two madhyam notes

No one is higher or lower in the melodic modes’

And this brought me to the realization how Madhyam is actually the balance of the Sargam.

That is why the mmm sound is vital to the body.

The seven notes have colors, gods and the seven chakras of the body associated with them.

Here, Ma is the heart chakra, associated with the color whitish –yellow, the aura of innumerable saints.

Madhyam is like the green of the vibgyor.

Green is the most soothing color to the eye because when looking at the rainbow, green is the perfect amount for the eye to not get strained. Red is in excess and violet is insufficient.

Madhyam is vital to the heart the way green is essential to the eye- it soothes the body and maintains balance.

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