The Hoper Of Far Flung Hopes And The Dreamer Of Improbable Dreams

‘’ Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, they slither while they pass they slip away, across the universe, pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my opened mind possessing and caressing me’’

These lyrics of my Favourite Beatles song make me realize and acknowledge the very importance of words and Language in making us feel particular emotions and feelings. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to communicate or express. Talk to people to ease some difficult situations or admire the beauty of life. But, even then we have very limited access to and knowledge of certain words that can make us feel the right things at the right time. I stumbled upon some of these words and phrases which ended up giving new names to the feelings that I felt on a regular basis and often passed through my consciousness, unrecognized.

‘’Heart breakthrough”

This word beautifully sums up the paradoxical nature of our attempts to live authentic and passionate lives. We create conflict, throwing opposing energies into our lives -the higher calling and the bottom line, the desire to awake and the desire to sleep, the voices of yes and no the head and the heart. Back and forth. One part of you wants to follow your passions, the other wants to run away from responsibilities, one part feels impulsive and the other cautious. One part is certain of a call by way of inner knowing and the other completely dumbstruck by the lack of objective proof. And somewhere in the middle of finding ourselves, losing and finding again, what we evoke is both a heartbreak and Breakthrough.

SAUDEDE- (Portuguese)

A bittersweet melancholic yearning for something beautiful that Is now gone. It blends of pain at loss and pleasure that loveliness once graced our lives. a love affair, a childhood home, a flourishing business.

In the short span of this life that we lead, we come across so many people with whom we share bonds and memories who shape our identity in some of the other ways. And given the transient nature of this life, the people that surround you keep changing. Situations keep altering. But somewhere between this flux of old relationships and new, we learn to value the old and appreciate the new. It’s not so much the people we miss but the collective experience.

HUZUN - (Turkish)

This word which means the gloomy feeling that things are in decline because of political instability can be quite useful for many to use.

FORELSKET- (Norwegian)

A word capturing the Euphoric feeling at the beginning of a romantic relationship, when we can’t believe that someone so perfect has finally come into our lives.

AMAE- (Japanese)

The kind of comfort we feel in another person’s complete acceptance. Humans crave acceptance and love from those around them.

L’esprit d’escalier (French):

The witty retort that we should have delivered to a frenemy but that comes to mind only after we’ve left the gathering. It Captures our maddening inability to know how to answer humiliation in real time.

Schadenfreude (German):

The satisfaction we find in another person’s failure or suffering. Humans secretly harness this emotion or feeling which might be considered as blatantly rude if spoken out loud, nonetheless, it makes us feel a little less insecure about our own self and lead by example.

Tartlet (Scottish):

A moment of hesitation that occurs when you forget someone’s name. The word presents this experience as widespread and acceptable rather than awkward. It expresses the mental blankness we all face as Humans.

Hiraeth (Welsh):

The longing to go back to a place that has been so changed in our memory that it cannot really be said to exist outside our imaginations.

Hedonic Treadmill (Phrase)

The idea that we’re always working hard to change our life situation but actually end up feeling not very different about ourselves.

Language Plays the crucial role of clarifying and deepening feelings. It makes us aware of the fact that a state of mind that we have is not rare, but rather not spoken of. We’re not alone in feeling the things that we do.

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