A conversation With A Creative Director – The Earth Project & Humanity (God’s the nickname)

Mansi: Hi

CEO: Good to see you! How can I help you today?

Me: That’s tricky! I don’t know what to ask for! It might just happen. So do let me think.

CEO: Sure

Me: Can I just ask a few questions before we get to that?

CEO: Why not (with a smile )

Me: What do you think of the World we are living in right now?

CEO: Child, I don’t think !!!!!

Me: Meaning?

CEO: Thinking is strictly a human process.

Me: So how do you assess things? Meaning: judge, evaluate, decide and all of that

CEO: Haha, I don’t have to do any of that stuff.

Me: Then how do you rule the world?

CEO: You make it sound so burdensome like I need a fancy degree to get this going! I don’t do anything. Things just happen. The way they are meant to be.

Me: Is evil and violence, war, inequality, insanity, greed meant to be? You mean, you don’t think that anything ought to be done? Should you not be intervening?

CEO: No. My project runs on autopilot and has been designed to auto correct and self-destruct.

Me: Self Destruct? Why?

CEO: Oh my child, that’s the way. A new upgraded version will unfold. A new way.

Me: So will this way be destructed because of a design fault or because it’s time anyway.

CEO : ( Laughs) It’s time anyway.

Me: But you said, you don’t do anything, you are designing, so that’s doing...

CEO: Not really, we have big data analytics on, like you have the internet of things, we have connections between all creatures, living organisms, a biosphere that continually feeds into the new system . Design thinking keeps the process going.

Me: So, if it’s all designed, why do we pray?

CEO: Pray, who prays now ?!!! You all keep asking things all the time. That’s not praying. And since I don’t think myself, your thinking is yours.

Me: But they say you listen to everything.

CEO: Probably, it means that all that you ask for or desire or even think about is saved in your permanent memory file. And everything you fancy comes into fruition according to due processes and other complex interactions. I don’t intervene.

Me: Hmmm.

Me: So what will happen to us ultimately?

CEO: Transformed into upgraded versions. You too will in the future not have to think and do mundane things. You might have fun like me.

Me: Describe Fun.

CEO: Fun ( Smiles ) Just Being is fun.

Me: Hmmm. That sounds difficult.

CEO: I understand, had to do a short course on “ Being Human “ !!!! Fun’s actually serious business.

Me: So, why? Why are we designed to feel so trapped, anxious, fearful?

CEO: So that you can be upgraded to higher versions later. The Deep Learning goes in creating more robust versions. In fact, we co-create together. That’s fun too!!! Also, most of you live entire lives on a built-in software and memory chip. Might sound funny, like the artificial intelligence of sorts. Very few life.

Me: Why are you considered to be compassionate? It’s all just a process.

CEO: Difficult for you to understand, it’s because I don’t judge anybody and my sense of well being is still way beyond current human thinking. That’s why the upgrade!!!

Me: Hmm. Whatever! But what’s the point of all this, these endless cycles?

CEO: Nothing really !!!!!

Me: Nothing ?!

CEO: Yeah Nothing really, that’s the point.

Me: If it’s all nothing really, what’s in it for us? How do we live?

CEO: Consciously!

Me: It doesn’t make sense

CEO: It doesn’t.

Me: Coming back to my wish!

CEO: Yeah

Me: I guess you know best.

CEO: Smiles. You too know.

Me: What do I do if I want to meet you again?

CEO: My dear one, we are all connected through 8G. Just log on to your quiet mind space and visit www.god .in. I'll be there in seconds. Always.

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