Dignity vs. Pride

There is a convulsion inside my head

That seems to be unsettled, dismantling my inner peace

And instigating a fret.

Two sides of emotions contesting to win a place

Little far did I wander to achieve a sanity of thought in a burnt embrace.

Did the contestant hurt my dignity or my pride?

This was a question that I failed to survive.

Should I give up or do sustenance needs to be fought?

While dignity said safer grounds of humiliation should be sought.

Amidst the degraded days of seniles self

Do I persuade to seek vitality

But pride comes in and stops by saying ‘don’t you have some dignity?’

Self-esteem is what evaluates us with our defeats

As we lay sturdily with hands tied and feet poised to the societal beat.

Did you get hurt pretending not to fall?

Why can’t you treat failure as a big spiral to the brawl

And here comes the glitter that sets you to doom

When pride awakens, do you think dignity will bloom?

As sturdy as you pace to live a dignified life

Pride will fight its way to shun that life to its height.

Complacent is a word channeled from the pride

Dare you take a stride of humility and dignify this corrupt game called life.

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