Don’t get stressed this Diwali!! Try and make it a real happy one !!

Wondering if your house is squeaky clean?

Is the battle over the diwali bonus that people want from still on ?

Have all the domestic support staff deserted you amidst the pile of laundry pails and vacuum cleaners?

Have you decided what gift you can afford to give to others?

Are you anticipating and wishing for the latest gadget or gold earrings from your “loved ones “

Have you thought about your special attire you wish to adorn?

Have you bought the lights for your balcony, only to discover that the electrical point doesn’t work anymore and..... the electrician is not taking your calls?

Are you anxious about the puja preparations and the guests who might just land up ?

Do you have all the lucky omens and auspicious charms at the right places?

Are you contemplating gambling and hoping to win a huge amount?

Have you got sedatives ready, for your pets once the neighbours get ready to fire loudest crackers ?

Do you have enough leaves?

Is work at office pending?

It’s a strange thought. All of us seem more stressed than usual during this time of the year. Diwali messages and greetings from family, friends and well wishers are always welcome but finally the decision to make the occasion a happy one is ours alone.

Will the Goddess of Good Fortune pay the yearly visit to our humble abode ?

I guess, we have worked hard the entire year and now is the time to relax and just be !!!!

Wishing all our readers a very Happy Diwali !!!!!!

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