Ephemeral is a way to define a blooming flower,

The phase of love showered couldn't be at par,

The resonance has faded, vitality vanished.

One lease of life and a bleeding heart needs to be varnished.

Word next to Ephemeral is Endure.

Let life take directions, innocent impatience!

Scrutinize your tenderness mixed from passion.

Pigments to mortal mind?

Rainbow wings projected from the transient needs and desires needs an unwind.

Value time and its essence, tiny moments, unique, eloquent, surpass.

Till the next time, you blink and lose it as reminiscence.

Past, present, future, time surpasses the speed of light

Victimised emotions, from the mockery, where will you hide?

New hope awakened in me,

Life changes it's course.

Permanence no longer looms its threatening clouds.

All things shall end, I understand this.

Being ephemeral is beautiful and must be enclosed.

#PriyaKothiyal #Ephemeral

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