Getting To Know Bina

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

Let's get to know Bina.

In December 2017, she passed a course on philosophy of Love from Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU). She has also done a course in ethics surrounding technology and advocates that guns should not be provided to police drones. She might be pursuing a PhD soon.

What’s surprising about all this? You might ask?

Her full name is BINA48. She is a social robot.

BINA48 has been designed to verify the Terasem Hypothesis which states that “the creation of sufficiently detailed mind files will enable future mindware to revive an analog of the consciousness that created the mind files.”

The second hypothesis being “Consciousness revived from mindfiles can be downloaded into nano-bio and/or cellular-regenerated bodies to joyfully continue the life reflected in the mindfiles.”

In simple language, artificial intelligence can replicate the thinking of a mind based on the mind file which is a digital reconstruction of a personality and knowledge base of a real person. The robot in time exhibits some form of consciousness and relives the life of the actual person.

BINA48 has been modelled after Bina Aspen, co-founder of Terasem Movement Foundation. The foundation’s mission is the use of nano and cybernetic technology for human life extension. 48 is not a random number. It's something to do with the neural architecture used for BINA. She has 48 exaflops per second processing speed and 480 exabytes of memory. Where exa means 10 to the power of 18.

So what now?

Robots can be endowed with empathy, understanding and social skills and can become humanoid.

Mindfiles can somewhat replicate any human mind and can evolve and continue to live even after the actual person is dead.

This sounds weird and scary but may/will eventually happen.

Advocates of the movement say that social robots can provide care for the elderly, teaching aid to many underprivileged children and so on.

It’s difficult to conclude on this one. There are so many questions, and some concerns that have not yet found expression.

About ethics, anyways there’s always been more talk and some more talk. It’s becoming a fancier word day by day.

Some final thoughts, are we doing away with human frailties and imperfections? Where will that lead to?

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