Guess Who’s the Mystic Messenger ?

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

It’s a gaming app, developed two years ago by a Korean Company and since the last two years it’s been downloaded by millions of people mostly women worldwide.

Here’s what happens.

As for the story, you mystically receive a message from a stranger that brings you to an empty apartment. There, you are connected to the Mystic Messenger, a custom app used by the RFA, a group of attractive people, who host charity parties, but they haven’t had a party for 2 years now. You agree to help them host a new party and help them find guests.

Amidst all of this, you enter into a virtual relationship with virtual characters who are all different from each other.

The story of Mystic Messenger takes place over 12 days, during which you’ll swap messages of various kinds with a number of different characters. The first four days are always the same, but the game splits into multiple routes (one for each love interest) once you hit Day 5. Each route has multiple endings – Bad Ends (fail states), one Normal End and one Good End.

Well, the point is this: Will the option of having virtual relationships alienate people even more or as some people say that games like these offer many a healthy escape and a chance to live fantasy world.

Difficult to say, but what’s sure is people now have options to pursue digital, on demand relationships and exist in multiple realities.

Welcome to the Machine Age! Time when machines and men will co-exist and understand and empathize too.

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