Guns & Roses

14th February, 2018

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Nikolas Cruz age 19 opened fire. 17 dead.

So far in 2018, 17 school shootings across USA. Like always debates on gun laws, anger, prayers, candle vigils, etc.

Let’s ‘cross over’: Deep Green Bush School. Rural South Auckland.

Joey Moncarz is running a school which is based “on thousands of years of indigenous wisdom and on how humans actually evolved to learn - in freedom.”

“Our highest priority is the health and happiness of our children and future generations, and we will nurture a new generation of young visionaries who will rise to the challenge and help heal our world.”

The school doesn’t instruct. Children learn on their own because they have the innate ability and the natural intelligence to learn given that there is no fear and there is a real and natural curiosity about something.

This is what the school website mentions about their philosophy:

Evolutionary EducationThe DGBS is based on evolution, not media advertising.”

Social and Emotional Intelligence - “It can only be nurtured through a healthy environment that humans are suited to: through freedom in nature, the freedom to socialize with youth of mixed ages, and the freedom to take risks.”

Ecological Literacy - “This means living based on the recognition that all life is interconnected and that humans are not superior to any other life form.”

Academics when ready “The crucial point is to wait until a young person is ready, otherwise we risk disrupting their natural development and causing long-term damage. Since humans are not robots, we all are ready at different points in our lives.”

Maturity, wisdom and responsibility.

Qualities for Healthy Life

Fearless intelligence “This is more than just critical thinking. The DGBS is aimed at raising youth who will have a deep understanding of the world around them and will be able to think for themselves, without the insecurity of needing to “follow the herd”.


Joey Moncarz is building change, far away from the spotlight. Guns on school campuses is signalling to the world that the “system” has failed. Merely changing a little bit of this and a little bit of that within it that has become irrelevant just doesn’t make sense.

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