Have You Ever Wondered...?

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

That over the years, the people we once resented become the people we start loving....

People you once loved, you could now be indifferent too.

That things are not what they seem.....

What you thought was the worst thing that could have happened, did actually turn out for the best.

What you once wanted desperately and got it, turned toxic .....

How, when you try too hard, you end up messing more

And when you took things easy, they turn out the best

When you tried controlling something, it eerily slipped away from your hands

And when you let go, things turned around to find you.

And so

Why is it so difficult to understand at the moment

As Steve Jobs said, that we can only connect the dots when we look backwards

How, I wonder

Why we can’t do that with our present.

Does the key lie in our minds or hearts? Or Both

Or is it with someone on the other side of the door.

I sometimes wonder, I talk about change and in altering the cult ....

When it’s so difficult to change my own thought patterns and simple habits.


No easy answers, no right questions either

( Inspired by conversations with my elder sister , Manvi )

#Mansi Kapoor #wonder

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