My Idea Of An Honourable Thief.

The idea of an ‘’Honourable thief’’ got me into a lot of thinking. It was only when I broke the two words down and looked at them separately, that I could figure out what my ideal of the ‘’Honourable thief’’’ would be.

Pain and sadness are my Honourable thieves. Seem like the worst, right? No one really wants both of these in their lives. We want everything to be just perfect. The perfect relationships, a limitless income, a luxurious lifestyle, ‘that killer holiday destination that will my Instagram feed the subject of envy’. And we’re stuck in a loop every time we think that we can achieve happiness by acquiring all of the things I mentioned. The answer is pretty simple, we can’t because the nature of happiness is so transient and momentary, before even felling its essence, It slips away from our hands.

On the other hand, pain and sadness can seem to be everlasting. ‘’why do I have to deal with this?’’ ‘’why me?’’. These statements have almost become a reflex to the situations around us. But in all the time that we spend running away from the ‘negativity’, we will realize that in the absence of it, we would not feel half as happy in times we call as memorable. The value of it is lost.

Melancholy has been in heart of it all – poetry, dance, music, and paintings. The melancholic nature of the artist perfects the art. The greatest of the playwrights and authors and poets wrote about the despairs of life. Have you ever tried wondering why these works are so popular among people? It is because they are relatable. They make us realize that each one of us has our own peculiar battles to fight and that we are not alone in the complexity of it all.

Heartbreak and failure touch us in ways of success and cannot. A person is created through the troubled times, disappointments and setbacks. This notion reminds me of a quote from a movie I watched recently called – The Switch.

‘’ Sadness opens the opportunity for an intense form of introspection. You’ll be called introspective and introspective is good. You walk around with an opinion and a point of view and some sort of direction’’.

Every now and then this little thief comes into my life and its almost as if I’ve befriended him. I handle him with songs about being brave. This thief is an imposter. It may seem like this thief is going to rob me off of everything I ever deserved. Make me feel inferior or make me question myself at every step of a major decision, taking a toll over my life. But after that particular phase of my life has passed, the same little thief will come creeping around in the corner, whispering in my ear, ‘’and you thought you couldn’t get through me, look how strong you really are’’, in turn teaching me life’s greatest lessons.

So this is the story of my connection with my honorable thief, what’s yours?

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