International School for Programming – For Kids between 5 and 14 Years in Pune!

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Change is Here, Right At Our Doorsteps – Enormous Implications!

Just, the other day, I saw a Bill Board advertisement about a Russian Organization “Algorithmics” which runs franchises which trains kids between 5 and 14 years to create algorithms.

I was curious to learn more but forgot about it. However, the thought lingered somewhere in the corner of my mind, waiting to leap out at the appropriate time. Then a few days later, the same advert popped up in a WhatsApp Group message.

I guess it’s time

According to Mike Kulikov of Algorithmics Australia “The future is coming and it’s going to be digital. All people on the planet will be users of many devices, but those who want to be successful should understand the logic behind computer programs. This logic is called algorithm and that’s what it’s all about.”

Basically, an algorithm is nothing but a method. Implying, we break up an activity or a task into logical steps. For Example – A child’s morning routine could be :

Once the algorithm is done, it can be coded in a language a machine understands and Viola ! the device will start following instructions and producing outcomes.

The skill children would acquire would be “Computational Skills” or understanding how to interact with machines or simply put, they will be equipped to learn “the language” of devices and hence will be able to interact with machines as we interact with people now.

This also implies, that kids too will be trained in problem-solving techniques right from the start and will train themselves in breaking things down sequentially and take a step by step approach in creating new solutions. (Remember mugging up days …???)

And off course, the Algorithmics website emphasizes that they work with “love” and that most concepts have been ‘gamified” Both words caught my attention. Robust components for teaching kids, both of these.

Finally – A new world, which needs new skills, new approaches, new ideas, bolder education ….. Also, notice how the USA and the UK are being etched out of the game slowly. Russia is a leader in the field because apart from other reasons, the country has a dedicated academy that works on abstract mathematical concepts and where both teachers and students can enter only after winning a really tough competition.

Also, children who can afford to learn these skills early on will definitely have an edge over children who cannot afford “games” and “love”. A more Unequal world in the future and it probably starts here.

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