Is Raksha Bandhan Perpetuating Gender Stereotyping?

Today, millions of sisters are tying rakhis and celebrating bonds of a special relationship. The original idea being that a brother will always protect the honour of the sister and the sister will shower love and affection.

Surprising that, we celebrate this festival with so much fervour in India when India is one of the most unsafe places for a woman to be in.

Why not celebrate this festival as cherishing the bond between brother and sisters as equals both competent to be there for each other not only for protection but for understanding each other’s vulnerabilities and strengths and maybe realising that imperfections in a home are beautiful and a home is a place for giving people the space to evolve with their ideas of what they choose to be.

It’s actually the State’s responsibility to ensure protection and honour of girls and women and not their brothers.

How about tying rakhis on both hands today?

Brothers and Sisters Both.

#RakshaBandhan #MansiKapoor

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