It's Tinkle not Vogue

So the August Cover of the Vogue Magazine in India has a cover picture of SRK’s SK

Vogue was delighted to put a “fresh face” on its covers and has described SK as somebody who is a student, a theater lover and mind you a future star!!!

Audacious accomplishments and super predictions!!! Not even a itsy bitsy role. Not even a super launch from Dharma Productions ( Creche for little starlets )

Fresh Face and Stale Story .

Wonder why Vogue never thought of Mithila Palkar who not only has a “fresh face” but some fresh ideas and is doing such a fantastic job. All by herself.

This is India. On the Move

In the tryst between Khandaan , Kanyadaan , Parivar , Parampara , Jaidaat , Len Den and the seeking of a new cultural identity , the formula definitely will not work .

Scripted , Ivory Tower Fairy Tales are not really in Vogue.

Cheer for Mithila.

Be Bold . Be Venturesome .

Forget Jan Pahchan and Jugad that looks oh so natural .

#MansiKapoor #Suhana #ShahRukhKhan

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