Kensington Palace Gardens W8 London

Grosvenor Crescent SW1X London

These are probably the addresses of the Super Rich and often from Super Poor Countries

There’s an interesting article ( November 2018 ) in the Financial Times by Judith Evans “ Secret luxury homes : How the ultra rich hide their properties .

The article pertains to how the super wealthy buy expensive mansions on the stealth , in the heart of London.

You may want to read it

What inspired me to look for more facts is headline news in India. The Enforcement Directorate has been grilling the “extremely hard working “ son of the soil Robert Vadra for his alleged ownership of multiple luxurious properties in the heart of London.

Whilst , we do not have the facts now . It is fairly evident that there have been many loopholes whereby people can own villas and mansions in circuitous ways and by avoiding the spotlight.

While the UK government is on a "swach UK" mission to clean up this mess, they have other more pressing concerns.

The point is that it is extremely difficult for UK's own citizens to buy property in London. According to an article in titled “Is it impossible to buy a house in London without parental help “ - “It’s pretty much an impossible dream to own in London if you’re single and not filthy rich (AKA me – goodbye dreams). Your best hope is to somehow earn a London wage while living outside where homes are cheaper.”

That partly explains the backlash people have against the so called elites and globalization. The rich , the famous the highly networked and mostly corrupt people go literally party hopping to park their funds in exotic locations like Panama Islands, Switzerland, UK , Honk Kong , Cayman Islands and God only knows where .

Whilst ordinary citizens and specially the young stare in the abyss of a grim future. Homeless and jobless in their own land.

While many in the UK are up in arms about allowing immigrants from war torn nations to enter their countries the rich are welcome to “take control” of prime real estate .

So London will be home to rich Russians , Ex Prime ministers who have been thrown out of Pakistan, fugitive Indian millionaires etc We , around the world will watch them sun downing with caviar's and wine . The tax payer’s money used to finance their refuge in laps of super luxury.

The Robert Vadra story has many interesting threads that can be followed. Another intriguing one was the way may news channels handled the story.

Emotionally charged, Nationalistic, Opinionated and ready to give the final verdict.

It’s election time and We the People are being wooed .

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