Kwan, Koun?? Lights, Camera, Action – Stoned!!They say, things come full circle. They do.

The Narcotics Control Bureau of India is directing the horror drug movie with all Bollywood Stars. The difference being, it is all real time, streaming live in millions of Indian Homes.

Every day, there is a new star cast and the audience gapes in horror.

Not that, people were naïve – we knew the existence of a dark underbelly in tinsel town. However, the sheer pervasiveness of the darkness is what’s creating this hyper environment.

There is a counter view however, that -artists need to get “kicked “in the head to get the creativity out. Really!!

Ironically, people chase stardom and get consumed by it in the process. The distorted reality they find themselves in needs to be handled by high end, chemical substances, maybe.

24/7 , TRP driven media channels, countless you tube channels amplify the noise, with breaking news reports by the minute.

The dark underbelly, has within its twisted folds: Nepotism, prostitution, laundering, crime, child trafficking, terror links, political connections. It’s a toxic mix of Drug Lords, Politicians and Bollywood Stars. It’s the people, who make common people into stars and political leaders, and who benefits by the adulation, trust heaped on to these people??? Drug Overlords and Criminals!!!

The story is still unfolding and has all of us riveted.

The End is so far not in sight but the good that will come of it is that young people will get the message – Doing Drugs is Not Cool!

Like they say, each ending is also the start of a new beginning. Bollywood has become warped in its own sense of greatness and grandiose. A fresh start perhaps waits in far away in Noida Film City. We will get back to the basics-appreciate a good story, celebrate good actors. No more stars!!!! Hopefully.

The Show Goes On !

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