Man of the Match – Imran Khan

I must have been in the 6th standard and my sister in the ninth and we were allowed to put up posters on the inside of our cupboard doors. After serious fights and negotiations we settled on Ravi Shastri, George Michael, Milind Soman and well Imran Khan.

In school, we were given responsibilities to decorate the class board and guess what, glamorous cricketing legends were always up there. Our nuns never allowed any movie stars but sports men were worthy of emulation so they would give in ….

Decades later, and one would have never imagined that our neighboring country would put him on the pitch to bat for them. Although he has been a part of Pakistan’s mainstream politics for quite some, he appears to be a shade different.

A legendry cricketer, a flamboyant playboy, wealthy, elitist and all of that on one side and a transformed social reformer, philanthropist and a politician on the other side.

Has there been match fixing here too. We don’t know. Has Imran Khan played by the rules? Obviously not. If he had he probably would have not won.

One I guess has to wade through Machiavellian, treachery, blackmail, Pakistan army’s maneuvers and corruption to win. From here on, it’s anybody’s guess.

Or the lucky catch was the Panama Papers expose on Nawaz Sharif.

All said and done, it’s good to see political dynasties bowled out.

If nothing else, India and Pakistan might start playing cricket again.

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