Mona's Curse

Sridevi accidentally drowned in a bathtub in a luxurious haven on earth.

There’s so much to say.

We could talk about, how when we have hundreds of 24/7 news channels, breaking news becomes a necessary evil for breaking even.

We could also talk about the disproportionate price many of us pay for what we call success.

We could also talk about our obsession to be or look forever young.

We could also talk about Bollywood. The Ivy Castle, where blue blood is precious.

We could also talk about how fragile the institution of marriage has become and after hundreds of years, women in marriage are still vulnerable and often preyed upon.

We could also talk about how no matter how hard some people try, truth has a way of creeping out.

And we could talk about Mona’s curse.

Mona was the first wife of Boney Kapoor who chose to walk away when Sridevi made a grand debut in the Kapoor household.

She chose not to fight probably for the sake of her two children who would need the “support” of the money and the connections her ex-husband had.

But like for most of us, the mind can stay in denial but the heart can never be tricked. It pours itself out through all the bio chemicals it releases in our systems and without our knowing our body dances to the rhythms of the heart.

Mona succumbed to cancer one month before her son’s mega Bollywood release.

Mona’s mother died too.

Sridevi accidentally drowned in a bathtub in a luxurious haven on earth, a few months before her daughter’s mega Bollywood release.

Truth always makes a way to emerge. For all.

In some cases only a few are affected, in certain cases the world gets to know.

Life unfolds in a series of mysterious twists and turns for all despite our valiant efforts to control.

What we can take away from this is, karma didn't spare Chandni even.

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