Oh Teachers!

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Teachers Day is nostalgic.

Here’s a tribute to my favorites and people who really shaped so much of my life.

Mrs Lobo – She taught us English in the 10th standard and was our class teacher. She would make four stars after every essay I wrote and topped that with such encouraging and loving comments. I remember eagerly waiting for the essays to be corrected so that I could read what Mrs. Lobo had to say. I remember her laughter. She laughed with lips closed while her

entire body would shake. She did that on almost all the silly jokes we cracked. I love English thanks mostly to her and the fantastic school library that we had. It was so much fun.

Mrs. Gupta – I was horrible in math, in fact I dreaded the subject and geometry gave me tremors. But for some strange reason, I still really don’t know why, Mrs. Gupta loved me. I was scared of her and her approval really mattered. Here’s one very special story. We were in the 10nt standard, our class was very naughty. Mrs. Gupta was to begin the statistics class, our first ever lesson in stats. The class was too talkative and she got annoyed. And hence the declaration – “You all will study the entire statistics chapter on your own.” We begged for mercy. Our boards were near. She was firm. How remarkable.

The School Principal stood by her. What mattered more to the school was our character formation and not our marks in the board exam!!!!! How many schools today will have the courage to do that when the only thing that matters are marks? That was education without commerce!!

Sister Alice Mary – She taught us music and how. In a group of 65 students, she could tell who missed out on a note and then a volley of adjectives would follow. But what a sense of music she gifted to all of us and the aesthetics of notes and melodies. Above all – a love for music. The schools investment and dedication in such finer and subtle aspects of our lives is truly commendable.

Last but not the least, this was when we were in the 12th Standard. Our Principal, said she would take the most important subject herself. That was Moral Science. We would sit around her, in garden, in the warm, sunny, winter afternoon in Lucknow. We would talk about career, marriage and I still remember her saying, don’t think of yourselves as elitist because you all have had the good fortune to study in a school where everybody vies to get in. Once , we were sitting , as usual , and a dog who had been adopted by the school , came running and put her muddy paws on Sister Jude’s pure white , starched tunic .

The tunic had big patches of brown now. All our eyes on Sister Jude. She said quietly to us “Excuse me girls “and went inside staff quarters and within minutes was back in a sparkling tunic. The dog was gently taken away.

Last but not the least, our school never awarded ranks and no results for any student were ever announced. The philosophy, do your best and improve incrementally. Do not compare yourself with others.

So ingrained, is this philosophy inside and sometimes it makes me wonder if that’s the reason why I’m never competitive and kind of happy with what I do . Kind of smug.

A little more thinking ,It’s rather nice actually!!

That kind of thing is never ending and so depleting.

Thank You Loreto Convent !!!

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