Guess Who Ouroboros Really Is?

Italy went to the polls on the 4th of March.The M5S (MoVimento 5 Stelle) or the Five Star Movement won the largest vote share. Launched in the year 2009 by a popular stand up comedian, Beppe Grillo who “stood up” for what he felt was right. The movement stuck a chord with many Italians through Beppe’s blogging site which was largely anti-establishment and raised a number of issues including corruption.

Also refreshing as mint, is to know that Grillo handed over the reins of the party to 31 year old Luigi Di Maio in 2012, when the 5 Star Movement saw a surge in its popularity. Luigi Di Maio will probably form the next government while Grillo has moved on. He is currently building a new site which he said “will focus on technology and visions for the future as part of an extraordinary liberating adventure”. How different is that? No greed for power, no hunger for control. And if you’re thinking this is different, read on for more: As reported in the Guardian, a few days before the election Di Maio announced his team which included:A CriminologistAn EconomistA DoctorAn Olympic Gold medalist Guess who is missing from the list! While I do not have the expertise to comment on the impact this election will have on Italy or the European Union but there is another take away.A lot is being written about the surge in populist movements in many countries in Europe and across the Atlantic. It’s the same theme that has been resonating almost everywhere - and that’s dealing with the paradox of globalization, which has connected many and at the same time disconnected quite a few. It’s also about social, demographic and economic changes sweeping across many nations. And finally it’s about the mainstream narrative which is caught in the middle, unaware and astray. Mainstream media has got caught up in group thinking and its own arrogance – ‘you get to hear what we want you to hear, we know how things ought to be. We represent true democracy and liberal values, so what if the big guys own our shares?’

People started using social media to share news and opinions but with click bait and fake news, things have gotten even worse. But we know how to deal with this at least at a personal level. A medium that is so widely accessible to all will have these drawbacks.But mainstream media has been built on the trust, people had in objective reporting. What about healthcare? Alternative medicine and healing methods are becoming popular and people are no longer dismissive of their efficacy in curing and preventing diseases. This surge in interest could be because of many reasons - rising cost of healthcare or the side effects many drugs are now known to have. It could also be that the healthcare industry operates almost like a cartel now. Each segment ups the game for the others to literally go for the kill. Expensive diagnostics, insurance, unaffordable medicines, exploiting fear and love have become the usual tricks of the trade. In some hospitals doctors have targets!

What about work - people who have the luxury of making choices no longer define their dream jobs as being a 9 to 5, five days a week, 20 days of paid vacation with a pension kind of a deal. People are wanting to exploring exciting options where they can thrive being their authentic selves. The food we put on our dinner table is also moving off centre.

Organic cereals, grains, vegetables and fruits are finding place on many to do grocery lists. We can’t even trust the humble potato which could have been made bigger with chemical shots or the green spinach which could have been sprayed with colors. In India, movies that tell a good story honestly are doing well now. Blockbuster Bollywood releases with a super stars dancing and singing in exotic picturesque locations in Europe no longer attracts crowds. The plot is failing. It’s not only with blockbuster movies. The mainstream narrative has become blasé. It’s without the quirkiness, the spark and is almost too perfect and glib. Here people have acquired a kind of a veneer which has stated to chip. For now, the fringe looks promising.

That is what is called the Ouroboros, which in Greek means “tail devourer” and is one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world. It can be perceived as enveloping itself, where the past (the tail) appears to disappear but really moves into an inner domain or reality, vanishing from view but still existing.

Or we can interpret the mystical symbol differently, the serpent eats his own tail to renew and sustain itself.

I leave you too guess, what the serpent represents now.

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