Parle G – Going……….

According to media reports yesterday, Parle, India’s leading biscuits manufacturer is contemplating laying off approximately 10,000 workers across its plants in India.

It’s only today that I found out that the name Parle comes from a Mumbai Suburb, where the company was founded in 1929 in a Mumbai Suburb of Vile Parle.

Who could have ever thought that there would be a day when I would be searching for “history” of Parle – G biscuits?

All of us have Parle g moments and Parle g memories …… the first bite of the biscuit dipped in mummy’s cup of tea and the second crumbling inside the cup …….

Looks exchanged when Parle g biscuits were offered by guests ….. (Oh No!!!!!)

My father had the distribution rights of Parle Products and we as kids had visited one of the manufacturing plants. The sheer sight and smell of biscuits going up and down huge conveyor belts are still etched somewhere in my head.

Also, look at old advertisements... Simplicity and charm. All our mothers looked like that !!!

I guess that’s the strength of a brand. Products become a part of our collective identities and memories.

But, it’s inevitable.

Will Parle G stay or will it crumble in the concoction being brewed by socio, economic and political forces.

The signs are inevitable.

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