Political Kitsch

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

Real democracy is a luxury.

Democracy works best when most people are well off and others have aspirations. When people are engaged because there’s a stake in the future and they trust the political class will know how to get things done so that they can claim their future.

Then we have the idea of individual liberty, freedom and justice but within a context of shared values which builds a cohesive culture that furthers the idea of what progressive means for most people.

There has always been that one mainstream idea that worked for most people and then there has always been the classic “fringe” that gained momentum and got through to the mainstream. We’ve seen stability which has been meaningfully knocked down by the coming of age of a new idea.

Now, there is no mainstream and there is no fringe either.

All of us are in this uneasy, choking coalesce.  

There are competing narratives, lots of noise.


Some are fighting for the restoration of their classic, original culture.

Many are fighting for acceptance.

Millions are fleeing from their ravaged cities and trying to enter the citadels of hope.

Many are saying, please don’t let them in.

Many are fighting for a new global world order

Some are saying let’s build walls.

The young are protesting against the excesses of the previous generations.

The old are fighting on nostalgic grounds.

Some are fighting for power and control.

Many are fighting for freedom.

But politics is not based on any of these sentiments.

It’s a cold blooded mix of mathematics and statistics which masquerades as kitsch.

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