An Illusionist’s Perception

For just a moment, I want to dissuade reality.

And suddenly, an unexistential world is orchestrated around me

where kindness, loyalty, and wisdom stand above everything.

where innocence is embellished, not denied.

where time only stands as a parameter of calculation.

And there are no departures, just returns, and recoveries and the past stands as a mockery of idiosyncrasies.

where dreams and ambitions could be altered, cause mistakes

are inexpensive.

where hurt, meant a momentary phase, not a delusive living.

where deception and lies are skills to persuade, not to impede others around self.

where truth is too fragile to dismantle a calm mind.

As quick as these thoughts settled in my head, realizations poured

down and I resorted from this comfort to perpetual living.


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