Shree Ganesha to Tree Ganesha

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

It’s a beautiful month – September!! It’s that time Ganpati comes visiting.

We’ve got about 10 days to prepare for his home coming.

There’s this awesome organization in Mumbai – Tree Ganesha!. They make ganpati idols entirely with clay and other totally organic things and inside the idol there are plant seeds. So when it’s time for visarjan, all that one needs to do is sprinkle water on the idol, the idol completely dissolves in the mud and becomes one with it and a few days later a green plant begins to grow.

That’s such an innovative solution and a beautiful way to follow all the rituals associated with Ganpati.

We wish all our readers a very auspicious and gracious Ganpati Festival.

I also urge all our writers and contributors to write about Ganpati. From the little mouse that’s his vehicle, to the majestic yet kind elephant face and the endearing look in his eyes and the one broken trunk, his belly with the serpent belt and large, eager ears and so much more. From the tip of the toe to the head there is a story of wisdom ready to be told.

I guess, that’s the modus operandi, he grants us with wisdom, so that we deal with all the obstacles that we face so they eventually disappear. Maybe his mouse is signaling that even if you are mighty, you need agility to maneuver your way around.

I take this opportunity to thank the entire Team at Cult Altered- Simran, Mahera, Shivam, Ananya, Priya and Panocraft’s (–Rohan and Rhea) for this fantastic effort. Also two very special people Diya and Varad who really gave me lots of strength in the days when I was just starting and was all by myself and scared. All of us at Cult Altered have other full time commitments and intense pressures. But we still find the time and energy to write and create.

This could be the beauty and strength of purpose. Another boon, because if there is purpose, there will be no obstacles, only learning opportunities.

We thank all our readers for the tremendous support. We are growing because of you.

Cult Altered wishes all of you a very happy, profound and auspicious Ganesh Festival.

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