Society – I am an explorer, a traveller. What is seeking me will find me.

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

"The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.” 

Jean-Paul Sartre.

The building blocks of any society are the people’s sense of identity, the concept of a family and what that implies- parenting and aspirations for children, investment in education, work and how to keep that going, entertainment, celebrations, ceremonies and rituals.

It’s also about people we reach out to in times of need- doctors if we fall sick, bankers when we need money, lawyers when we have been wronged, the priest or the rabbi when we have sinned.

Traditionally, the pillars of any society have been the institutions which are centred around the family - Government, Business, Religion and Education


Most governments work for people who fund their campaigns.

Businesses are outsourcing jobs to low wage countries or cutting jobs and using robots.

Education is losing its relevance and higher education is specifically becoming an exotic deal with fancy degrees and great destinations which very few can afford.

Religion is causing bitter wars, fear, hatred and phobia.

And what about the family? It’s no longer central.

It is the individual with a digital network.

This network is impersonal and vaguely comforting because now one doesn’t have to deal with “issues”. One has the option to block people, go off line, switch off etc.

As with people, so with ideologies.

It’s the “what works for me approach”. Today one can go online and download Buddhist meditation videos, or learn about new healing methods. Use them till they work and then off to something else maybe the yoga or whatever.

I might go to a college but I will have the option to design my own learning from online courses that I fancy from any University the world over.

I don’t even need to go to bankers, might mine my own currency.

The essence of the change is fluidity.

Fluidity, flexibility, what works approach , moving on ............ .

No long term commitments, rigid world views, nine to five permanent jobs.

“I wish to be an explorer , I wish to navigate my journey myself with maybe just a couple of nudges . No controlling me.”

What could the pillars of such a fluid arrangement be?

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