Speak or Write?

By Anirudh Anilkumar

Nice noise.

Let them play with their toys.

Words are but words,

Said nobody ever.

Wordsworth new words' worth.

Yet wrote a poem on Daffodils.

Trivial as it might seem,

It's not so bad you see.

For the written word offers you choice.

Whilst the spoken word is always noise.

Nice noise, an oxymoron.

Dirty noise, the only kind.

Doped up noise, that sounds real nice.

And crisp chauvinistic noise?

The only kind that's heard.

And still people bumble,

Claim to be humble.

Yet once in front of the mic,

Each wants their own Reich.

Literate we are,

Reiterate I do,

The written word offers choice.

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