Suzy & The Circus

Updated: May 10, 2018

Suzy is elegant but old now.

For years she had been entertaining crowds of people who went back delighted after watching her perform.

But it was painful for Suzy, her years spent in captivity, deprivation, humility and sheer loneliness.

She endured much for nearly 60 years and towards the end, she would perform even when her eyes could not see and her limbs frozen with arthritis.

She was rescued from Tripura and currently resides in Mathura, in a community care center where she is finally recovering from the physical and psychological abuse and is regaining her health, vitality, and vigor.

Suzy is a Circus Elephant. Alive and Kicking now thanks to the valiant efforts of Wildlife SOS India.

Suzy was captured and forcibly made to perform. She didn’t choose to be away from the herd and her forest home.

But many of us choose captivity.

It’s not about passing a judgment about choices people make but maybe we could think about the pain, humiliation or the exploitation many face to get that spotlight. The “Me too" movement is bringing all that up. Another irony – when people are “struggling" to make it big, a small mention in the media is exhilarating but once the fame comes, the famous run away from the “prying eyes” of the media and the paparazzi. More so for people in fashion or movies.

And all the fuss with the red carpet thing. I don’t get it!!!!

What are we supposed to admire?

A certain body type, complexion, exotic fashion styles? Maybe I’m completely missing the point and maybe I’m not supposed to get it either. That could be the point. Any “me too” for this one. Will there be a time when men will walk the red carpet and women will take the images ?

Another spectacle - The Big Fat Indian Wedding!!

A famous Bollywood actress has just tied the knot.

If weddings in India are a social statement and celebrity weddings are social screams setting the wedding trends rolling. It’s a social phenomenon in itself and has a ripple effect on all sections of society. The entire country gets riveted to every news bite and every image that gets “leaked “ out or is “generously” shared with the media and on social media as well.

Who’s invited and whose not? Who is the designer? What’s the destination?

Then extremely glamourized versions of all things traditional follow. People will note the trending colors and the styles. Guests too will pose for the cameras and make the most of the occasion. (This season Pink seems to be the color and with men too)

On a lighter note, most families in India have their own wedding stories: aunts wearing fake jewelry, somebody’s ego getting bruised for lack of enough attention, teary-eyed ex’s with brave smiles, the lavish or the meager menu, the starting of fresh alliances, recycled gifts and other guffaws.

It’s fun with a big pinch of salt and pepper, I guess.

On a more serious note-

For those who can afford the fantasy weddings, so be it but tragically these in your face weddings become “aspirational” for all. Parents get into vicious cycles of debt to give their children the gift of a dream weddings. It becomes sad here.

AND it’s not only the Big Fat Indian Wedding, there’s another Fairytale Wedding going to take place in England. The Prince is about to marry a Star. It’s fine till here but there’s a twist. This time, many people “common” people have also been “invited”. These people have been granted the “privilege” of watching the bride and the groom alight from the carriage from designated stands then once the ceremony is over inside the chapel ( limited access) these people will catch a glimpse of the couple. These invitees have been instructed to carry their own meals. That’s some invitation. So England too is preparing for the Royal Tamasha.

It’s not only with weddings, our entire lives are getting consumed by seeking attention and generating content. The Psychological Circus, if you will.

A famous and a favorite quote:

“We spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need to impress people who don’t care. “

Suzy is happy now. She carries no emotional scars and lovingly welcomes other elephants who come to the center. We can just marvel at Suzy's intelligence and grace.

Suzy got rescued.

Who’s going to rescue us from the Circus?

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