Teachers, Google and YouTube!

Just wondering how like other professions teaching too is undergoing a drastic change when all that you need to know is just a click away.

The adjectives we use to describe good students – obedient, hardworking and sincere are long passé. The appropriate words or expressions now are maybe and could be – curious, out of the box thinking, defiant, change agents, entrepreneurial, creative etc.

But the words used to describe good teachers largely remain the same – knowledgeable, strict, patient, and meticulous (can’t think of any more)

And so ~ we want different and new outcomes with the same old methods.

No wonder, teacher’s day in India is becoming more ceremonial than usual.

Bring on the pedestal, garlands and the ladoos.

That’s seemingly the best solution, it’s been working for women in India for a long time!!!

Not that celebrating is not a good thing, but wish things change in the many classrooms of India.

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