The Creative Process And The Genius Mindset

The stethoscope was invented by a French flautist/physician named René Laennec who recorded his first observations of heart sounds in musical notation.

The suturing techniques used for organ transplants were adapted from lacemaking by another Frenchman, Nobel laureate Alexis Carrel.

The idea of instantaneous electronic communication was the invention of one of America’s most famous artists, Samuel Morse, who built his first telegraph on a canvas stretcher.

The electronic chips that run our phones and computers are fabricated using artistic inventions: etching, silk-screen printing, and photolithography.

Here’s the alchemy for genius minds, creativity and innovation. The essence of creativity is I guess, letting something flow from within, easily and naturally like a spring. It’s the search for answers deep within while we are distracted doing something else with passion.

This sounds easy but is actually a lot of hard work and entails utmost honesty with our own demons and angels.

To all who push children into studying harder , we could also give them the space and freedom to express themselves with more authenticity.

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