The Fountain Within

It's close to midnight, and I find myself scrolling through the lives of my friends and classmates from school.

In many ways, it's like traveling back in time.

Some of them found love, some of them found purpose.

Some of them are still searching, but no one's given up.

Not just yet.

I think back to the last physics class we ever had.

21 chapters and 5 days to complete them for our prelims

We thought we'd never make it.

I remember St. Patrick's House completely obliterating St. Peter's on the basketball field,

Leaving them sullen and embittered.

They thought they'd never make it.

Two years later, they won the House Cup

Being selected for interschool championships, no less.

I remember my tall, pale Potterhead friend topping the city in the board examinations,

When she'd distinctly said only weeks ago,

"You know, I'll never make it".

I like to think there's a reason we underestimate ourselves so persistently,

Choosing to ignore our incredible potential in more way than one.

I think there's an unrelenting fire-breathing dragon within all of us,

Waiting to unleash at the very moment we start to believe

We'll never make it.

Because when we do,

The overwhelming feeling of placid nostalgia that washes over you is a force unparalleled.

And you, my dear, are a force of nature to be reckoned with.

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