The Honorable Thief

This month, the theme for many of our write-ups on Cult Altered will be ‘The Honorable Thief.'

The theme appeared in a momentary flash. Not quite through conscious thinking. Something buried in the subconscious may have come up, I guess.

I was wondering who or what for me could be the honorable thief.

Reflecting on the topic for a couple of days, and I present before you the Honorable Thief.


As we grow, Time tends to take away so much from us: energy, youth, unfettered optimism, vitality, very firm convictions, and sometimes people. Time, on the prowl, stealthily steals all of these treasures but how is stealing honorable?

Time gives something back, precious. What could that be?

Time frees us of many illusions, time makes us figure out that there is only that much that we can control. Time gifts us with a wisdom to understand that sometimes success is an imposter for failure, and failure a bridge to our authentic self.

Above all Time gives us the gift of humor. Ah well, we can see through the bittersweet ironies.

If time takes away our eyesight, it gives us a better vision.

It tempers us with finesse and takes us through the maze of life, only to find that the time we got lost were the times when we found ourselves.

#MansiKapoor #TheHonorableThief

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