The (J)Inx Media Deal and the Nexus

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

The P Chidambaram and Inx Media story would probably even sound murky to our Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma. He must be planning on the star cast already.

So it’s going to up the murkiness and raise the bar on sordid movies on politics and crime in our country.

Flash Back to 2006

A power couple wants to start their own media company. Peter Mukherjee must have been so influenced by the sops aired on Star Network that, his real-life seemed pretty inspired by the reel life.

So the couple wanted funds from abroad ( who wanted to park their dirty money in the dubious media company ).

Enter Chidambaram Abode. The Gatekeepers-

Chidambaram and Sons.

A full portfolio of companies to provide exclusive services to the exclusive Network - to enter Paradise. Look at the names of these Companies- Chess Management, Advantage Strategic. Just perfect and under the Duo’s Vision and Mission. So much synergy and passion in the way the operations were managed. Maybe the son was running a company each for government loopholes his father knew about. Service to the Nation, you know.

If Mahmud of Gazni was lured by the lush green fields by India’s mighty rivers. The Foreign investors then must be so wooed by India’s millions and hordes of the eager consumer. Paradise on Earth, we’ve always been for some reason or the other.

Fast forward a few years.

The Devious Twist, something like a Paresh Rawal’s Hera Pheri Moment~We all know that Indrani had murdered her daughter and with the help of their driver had dumped the body in dense jungles (real ones with trees) near Mumbai.

Now, this hera pheri driver was caught for a minor traffic violation and then somehow, the cops accidentally saw shady weapons and again found it to be a case worth following.

This driver terrified for his life, vomited out the ghastly details.

After countless twists and tales, and many years later, the couple is in jail.

But, Indrani being Indrani could have decided to take everybody along with her also spilt the beans. Millions transferred for “consultancy services’ to the Company – Chidambaram and Sons.

So I guess, all the four are now behind bars (Solid metal bars). Maybe there are all dreaming about their plush bungalows in London. There, in the salubrious settings, how they would bond with their fellow Indians- Malaya, Modi, Nirav. Cheers to good times to follow!

I guess it’s the law will “take its own course “ kind of thing ….for now

While most of India was glued to various TV Channels and YouTube Videos. I was aghast by one reporter’s coverage on India Today. She said, You know Chidambaram has whisked away in a small Ertiga, and he was so cramped, could not sit properly.

So, from now, the bigger the crime and bigger the stature of the alleged criminal, more should be the special treatment and privileges. Poor Chidambaram, so wedged he must have felt in such a small car!

Normal People, normal crimes~hmm, aam aadmi treatment is expected- Lathi blow, electric shocks, mindless torture, expletives and more.

On a more serious note, look at the Nexus – Media, Business, Politics. The modern pillars of Democracy.

No strange thing that recently Ukraine elected a standup comedian to becoming its President. This guy Volodymyr Zelensky used to act the President in his shows and the people thought that was the better thing to do.

The Drama Continues~Real or Reel, we don’t know

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