The Kings of Good Times and the Cattle Class

These Headlines tell us something about our world .

“Celebrity jeweller Nirav Modi, who is on the run from law, went to London and then to Belgian capital Brussels after his passport was revoked, sources told NDTV. Wanted in India for 13,000-crore bank fraud, Nirav Modi is travelling on multiple fake Indian passports, sources said.Since January, when he fled India, Nirav Modi has been crisscrossing Europe, sources said. He turned up in the UK in February, then went to Paris, France and now is probably in Belgium. “

“The King of Good Times-turned-fugitive Vijaya Mallaya may have lost a lawsuit filed by a consortium of Indian banks seeking to collect more than $1.55 billion from him, but celebrations on the part of the lenders may be premature. Because, as a banker pointed out to Firstpost, Even in India, there have been court orders to attach his assets, but how much has been achieved so far?"

“The 62-year-old - who remains on a GBP 650,000 bail bond (over Rs 5.93 crore) since his arrest on an extradition warrant by Scotland Yard last April - is probably plotting the next course of action with his lawyers”

Meanwhile, the Indian government has been pressing for cooperation from Britain in extradition of not just Mallya but 12 others, including former IPL honcho Lalit Modi and cricket bookie Sanjiv Chawla, but without much success.”

French border police have been accused of detaining migrant children as young as 12 in cells without food or water, cutting the soles off their shoes and stealing sim cards from their mobile phones, before illegally sending them back to Italy.”

Rules es are made by the powerful for the rich and famous and the same powerful people get “helpless” in getting hold of celebrity fraudsters. Every loophole in existing laws will be found by a bevy of influential and equally rich lawyers to ensure that All Doors Remain Open

Whereas it’s another story for the cattle class and the les miserable, the wretched and the poor.

All Doors are closed. Your plight is understood.

While I don’t have the legal expertise to comment on International Law and implications of such a complex problem as mass immigration but looking at these pictures gives a feeling that there’s something drastically wrong and deeply disturbing about the world in which we are living.

Can you and I do anything?

For now let’s just listen .

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