The Kurds – From No Where To No Where

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the world which doesn’t have a homeland

Ancient people, their origins can be traced to the Mesopotamian Civilization. They now live scattered in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Armenia.

Why are we talking about them?

They were the biggest ally of the American troops in their fight against the ISIS.

Much is being written about them because of the sudden decision of Donald Trump to pull out the American troops and let the remainders figure things out for themselves. According to Trump, Americans have been spending millions of Dollars and loosing precious American lives, for no gain.

There has been selective outrage in the USA.

Turkey’s president Erdogan and Putin have had long parleys.

The Kurds have felt betrayed, the dreams of Kurdistan again, still a dream.

They have fought valiantly, but the most powerful images are those of the Peshmergas, a guerrilla force which has been fighting from Kurdish dominated territory of Iraq. Kurdish women have played a huge role in the fight against ISIS and a continued struggle for the homeland.

Most Kurdish people are Muslims, but take a look at Kurdish women. They command men, use weapons and fight. They feel with intensity for the homeland and are fighting for it.

Many conflicts are going across the world today. Hong Kong, Kashmir, Paris, Chile, Caracas etc. As many conflicts that many views.

What’s bravery for some seems cowardice to others, what’s justice for few is gross injustice for many, what’s rights for few is a violation for the majority, a terrorist for some is a saviour to others.

There seems to be no right and no wrong.

People are taking sides ~ based on what? Electoral, territorial, material, market gains.

Fight for Power and dominance is not only fought on the physical ground and through centuries-old propaganda. As the famous quote goes “All things are subject to interpretation, whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not the truth.”

For now, the grit and determination of the Peshmerga women are worth noting.

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