The Laws Of The Spirit World

The Laws of the Spirit world dictate that when departed souls leave their body and begin their ascent into higher realms, their path is sometimes made visible by an aura of swirling colors.

At times, this path seems to be going round in circles if the spirit isn't entirely able to sever their attachment from earthly existence. This happens when the spirit wishes to rectify the pain they have caused others, or is still left with certain unanswered questions.

These spirits continue to live through their loved ones, sending messages to them by interacting with their subconsciousness.

This is one of several interesting notions developed and conjectured upon over time. Another would be that Satan was Hebrew for “Accuser”.

Over the years, many an alchemist has conjectured over the nature of the astral world, intermediate between the Earth and the Divine.

According to Plato’s philosophy, there are seven planetary heavens of astrology.

The first is the physical plane, the visible reality of space and time; matter and energy.

Second on comes the esoteric plane, where the soul is freed from the shackles of its physical self.

The third plane’s the charm, or rather, the land of lucid dreaming. The astral plane is the world of planetary spheres, where consciousness begins it's journey in the afterlife.

Your fourth plane, the astral zone, is often in a zone of quietude, one we typically visit while dreaming.

The Buddhist, or Unity plane is where your consciousness is able to discover its own thoughts, unencumbered by worldly woes.

Second, to last, the Spiritual plane is where the departed soul receives knowledge of nature and reality.

Finally comes the Divine plane, the highest of all, one that can only be described as a state of total and complete oneness. This is the plan that binds together the entire continuum of the universe. It encloses all other planes, and this is where the Holy Spirit is said to reside.

In life, the end is exactly that; the end. It's all very well to wish that sin, death, and sorrow shall perish someday, and the world will be taken over by love and perpetual grace. At present, we have no way of knowing whether such a day will ever befall us. Eleana had known the gap between rich and poor, educated and illiterate, but somehow the gap between the rationalists and the believers seemed to be more dangerous than anything else. However, circumstances rarely unfold the afterlife,

All kinds of hells, heavens and purgatory experiences can be understood as “astral phenomena”.

This concept has found its own study in the field of esoteric cosmology.

There's a missing link between our lives and the universe at large.

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