The Ocean

Have you ever carelessly walked down a road?

Not really looking down,

Not really giving a damn,

Just walking.

And then suddenly..............yuck, eww.

Your foot is in a puddle.........yuck, eww.

Then you feel an uncontrollable urge to shower.

Rinse your entire body and lather it with soap.

Rinse again and remove every grain of dirt -

Because a tiny fraction of your body was in a harmless puddle.

Don’t really feel clean until your entire body is squeaky.

Don’t really feel ready until your entire brain is wiped of his memory.

You never really know how shallow a puddle is till you step inside.

Can you dig it, inch by inch, making it wider and deeper?

Turn it into a swimming pool for everyone to fit in.

You made it and, if you’re lucky, you’ll marry it.

Tears will have a place to belong,

Children will have a place to call home.

Most people are satisfied with a pool – or pretend to be anyway.

Fool independent innocents till they want one too.

So once, I too wore my waterproof boots up high with pride.

Hid my swimsuit under my dress with delight.

Spent hours fussing over my hair and makeup.

Mindlessly forgetting it gets ruined soon after.

I initially, cautiously dipped my toe in.

Oh, it was so perfect – I grinned a little wider.

That flawless weather-temperature, humor-ambition balance.

That mind-blowing chemistry followed by the brain-shattering talks.

So I leaned further in, and the most unexpected thing happened.

I fell into the ocean; I fell in love.

I was dropped straight into the Mariana Trench -

No oxygen tank, no protective clothing -

Eyes burning yet wide with awe -

Terrified to blink, to miss a single moment.

But suddenly, I was pulled out of this world,

Convinced I was too weak till I lost my confidence.

But months later, my heart still belongs to the ocean.

And though the puddles I meet are all shallow.

Rarely, I’ll find a pool – take a break, grab a float and read a book.

With one ear concentrating on the conch shell

Holding on for a single sign to go back

With waves crashing the shore, colorful fish galore.

I yearn to drown again

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