The Paralyzed Entity

“Every step towards the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals”. - Dr. Martin Luther King

What is the meaning of Justice in the true sense? Can we call it a justice what a person is getting after 30 years or 40 years? Do the citizens have any respect for such a legal system which is not capable of providing justice within a reasonable amount of time? Justice means a legal process in which the individual’s rights are protected, and which reflect the country’s international reputation for upholding and promoting the rule of law. The important question is why the justice is delayed beyond a desirable time.

There is a number of reasons for the delay. First and foremost is our paralyzed judicial system which has not defined the time limit for providing justice to citizens. If a person files a case in the court of law he/she doesn’t have an idea when he/she is going to be out of the court. The fact and evidence which can support the case might have been lost or can’t be found at present. An innocent person can’t prove that he/she is innocent and have to be there for the number of years in the court of law because of the lack of evidence. So the question is if a person is not having any proof of his/her innocence can the court declare him/her as guilty in absence of evidence. Can this be called as justice in the true sense? In our country law is implemented on the basis of the social and economic position of a person and not on the basis of the crime committed by them and that’s another reason for the delay. Unless the rule of law is followed in the true sense the idea of attaining the just society is intensely challenging in today’s world.

After all what the justice is for a common man? In true sense, Justice for a common man connotes that his/her rights are protected in a defined manner and if he needs the help of judicial system anytime that will be defined in terms of a time period. The concept of justice is based on the rights and duties of an individual. Justice signifies Equality or to be exact a "fair mean." Justice can be taken as fairness and equality of opportunity to all.

If we talk about Indian courts and we believe that they can definitely give us the justice in the true sense. But are they providing justice? When a person gets the justice over a period of 20 years 30 years and even in some cases 48 years can we say that it is justice? Even the reason for the increase in commission of crime in the society today is that the offenders are not afraid of the punishment provided for the crimes as the delay in imparting the justice gives them the boost to commit the crimes as they know, that when the court is going to take 25 to 30 years in deciding a case, who is going to get the justice and who is getting the punishment.

As it is rightly said, “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”.

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