The Planet Strikes Back!

– While we keep looking for empirical evidence And a Dam collapses!

The Midwest in America freezes where temperatures plummeted to record lows. Some places are colder than the North Pole. Eight people have lost their lives due to the severe chill.

Whereas, down under, many parts of Australia are sweltering due to severe heat conditions.

Climate Change sceptics and deniers are battling with numbers and empirical evidence to back their claims.

Planet Earth is changing.

The human race is just a mere speck in the larger scheme of things. Where is the place for our individual, emotional dramas?

We came, we saw and we conquered.

To become the most vulnerable species on earth and maybe beyond.

As we dig and mine and extract more vehemently, it might help to remember

The Indus Valley Civilization which was once highly advanced and rich just disappeared without a trace. Historians still don’t know what caused its end.

Probably Atlantis is not a myth. The most advanced civilization which had flying machines, enchanting portals and all the riches of the world rests on an Ocean bed.

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