The Truth about Fruit Juice

Okay so I recently embarked on this weight loss journey and I’ll be posting the before and after pictures once I achieve my final shape. Along the way, however, I learnt a lot of things about nutrition that threw me off. They made me go like: ‘Wait, I’ve been doing it wrong this entire time.’

One of the things that threw me off was the fact that fruit juice happens to be not so healthy. Yes, that’s correct. And I’m not just talking about that packaged 100% orange juice that we can find on the supermarket shelves (we all know that’s unhealthy. If you didn’t, maybe take a look at the added sugar content in one of those bad boys.) but even that glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is actually not healthy if you don’t use it right.

Now, just before I go on to explain the science behind this, I just want to clear out that I am not advocating the fact that you cut out the consumption of fruit from your diet. I am not at all saying that! Fruit in itself is super healthy and is packed with essential vitamins and minerals. In fact, I’m just trying to say that when it comes to fruit, stick to eating it straight up rather than juicing it.

Okay so let’s get down to it. Now we all know, that fruit is healthy and is packed with vitamins. It also has natural sugars called fructose. These like other carbohydrates will raise your blood glucose levels and trigger an insulin response but not by much & this is because fruit also has essential fibre. Now fibre, as we know fibre is the indigestible part of a food substance (the part that makes you poop lol). Your body can’t digest it and has to work really hard to break it down. Now as nature intended it to be, fruit comes packed with fructose and fibre together. So when you eat fruit, the sugar is slowly released in the bloodstream since it is packaged together with fibre which your body takes a long time to break down and process. Now when it comes to juicing, you have taken out the fibre. So all you’re left with is the fructose along with the all the vitamins and minerals. Also, juice of one fruit may not even have that much sugar. But think about when you make apple juice. How many apples go into that small glass! Do you ever see someone eating 4-5 apples and going at it? Even if they did, at least that fruit still has the fibre. In a nutshell, that glass of fruit juice you’ve been having is basically just like a coke with added vitamins and minerals. It’ll basically work out to the same amount of sugar. And just like in a coke, your body does not know what to do with this insane sugar rush so it secretes a lot of insulin and converts most of that sugar into fat. In fact, drink some fruit juice and try taking a blood test. I guarantee you’d look like a crazy diabetic according to your blood markers.

So let’s break this down.

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