Toxic Mixes and Merry Cocktails

People are agitating about the Supreme Court’s order to allow women of all ages to enter the forbidden Sabarimala Temple in Kerala. In UP, politicians are making provocative statements about t the Ram Janam Bhoomi “issue” in Ayodhya and the heroic me too movement has been politicized, trivialized and also commoditized in terms of more sponsors running to buy advertising time before the sensational news breaks out on 24/7 news channels .

In short. Sold Out. Somebody’s making lots of money, somewhere!!!

And what is puzzling, paradoxical and ironical is this:

God according to any faith or religion, is the lord of the Universe and all religions claim that He or she resides in our hearts. Does God really care???? The patron God Ayyappa wanted to be away from the normal things householders crave for. Ayyappa was different from the usual and maybe wanted a quiet place to celebrate his quirkiness and he was not particularly fond of women. Why a me too there? And even if “judges” feel that maybe in modern times, we’ve become mature to celebrate quirkiness, so if women wish to go, so let them. So what’s the fuss about??

Another, equally ironical observation is that through centuries, religion has been the biggest cause of war, conflict and bloodshed. Is it because, politics and religion have come together to “salvage” man from the despicable condition he finds himself in? Is it because the two combined together build fancy dream factories and also offer hope to get there? Is it because, these two forces together create an identity, we are ready to die for but not live for.

And finally, the media narrative makes this out as an issue of the people, for the people and by the people.

Many people indulgently and with a mild derision call me “too idealistic”. Maybe

Another Irony !!

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