Let's cast a spell

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

In just a couple of years we might have to reinvent magic.

Technology today is feared by many, revered by some.  But no one   can be dismissive.


We’ve got so used to living in fear based, controlling cultures.  How we’ve made fear our elixir! We have learnt to think of ourselves in very limited ways

So deeply conditioned by society to be anxious, we assume that scarcity is natural, that struggling to get what we want is “the” way and someone else needs to yield authority over us.

We feel scared of the power that might come to us and feel threatened in taking full responsibility   of the choices we make and the consequences we may have to deal with.

We are used to being controlled . How we love our chains!!

Of course, there could be real dangers, but have they not been dealt with in the past?

Nuclear war was a real danger, so were pirates at sea, so were landlords and wild beasts. We’ve dealt with all of that. We will also learn to deal with the perils of the machine age.

Letting go of the shackles that have bound us is going to be difficult.

But some where we need to start preparing for this great shift.

“By 2100, our destiny is to become like the gods we once worshipped and feared. But our tools will not be magic wands and potions but the science of computers, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and most of all, the quantum theory.”                                          

Michio Kaku

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