We’ve got great news coming out of America!!!!!

The Miss America contest will no longer have the bikini round and for contestants it will no longer be mandatory to wear an evening gown. Instead contestants can choose to wear whatever they feel comfortable in.

The Miss America organization also clarified that the event will no longer be called a pageant but it will be a competition.

It’s such a welcome move.

So what’s going to replace the swim suit round? Contestants will no longer walk the ramp, skimpily clad in stilettoes. Instead, the judges will dive deep into their minds and bring out thoughts that really matter. They will interact with the contestants who will share with them their ideas on how their being Miss America will really make a difference to the others etc.

Gretchen Carlson, the chairperson of the Miss America Board of Directors said that the competition will now onwards be “more inclusive to women of all sizes”. Beauty is being redefined.

The other remarkable thing is that now the Miss America Organization is being entirely lead by women. Maybe that’s why this radical shift.

Like always, people are wondering why the 97 year old pageant has decided to change so drastically. Some say that viewership was constantly declining for the show and others say that some very disparaging emails had been send to the contestants and which were ultimately leaked to the public causing a scandal.

Whatever might be the trigger, the move is absolutely remarkable and will/ should be a force multiplier for social and cultural change.

It’s time for role models to change. It’s also time we women realize that it’s also up to us to create that place where we are valued for what we believe in and have the courage to stand up and really get noticed .

The decision is truly Bold and Beautiful!!!!!!! Awesome

This one could make America Great Again .



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